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  • Make an impression on the world’s fashion industry.

    For more than 50 years, we have had in view being “Unique” and have engaged in making best textile fabrics. We have offered unique materials to many of major brands and high maison taking the needs in advance of times, having presented our knit collections twice a year constantly.

  • High gauge knitting, that is,

    Founded in 1964 in Wakayama City, Pref. Wakayama.
    Ever since we have continued making every effort for technical improvement, particularly since 2010, specialized in high gauge. And now we are confident of being a pioneer in high gauge knitting at home and abroad.

  • Circular economy

    Considering the in fluence on the global environment caused by the textile industry, we actively make use of sustainable raw materials.(Recycled cotton, organic cotton, BCI cotton, non-mulling wool, recycled polyester etc.) Especially SUVIN RECYCLE ORGANIC and COOL MAX ECOMADE are the representative materials as our original developed yarns.

  • Overseas exhibitions Achievements

    Our knit collections have been presented every season twice year at “Premiere Vision” in Paris France and at “Milano Unica” in Milano Italy; the world’s best material exhibitions.
    We also have displayed at domestic one’s actively and have got good reputations.

Only one fabric created
by own specialized machines.

  • the only one high gauge
    jacquard machines

    A custom-made jacquard circular knitting machine realizes knitting at an amazing high density knitting of 36G~46G. It is the unique technique brought to by our skilled new.

  • Being particular
    about our original developed
    yarn for “Unique” fabrics.

    Our collections are made up bespoken yarns in the proportion of over 60%
    Our original developed yarn leads the planning capacities to create “Unique” products emphasized texture. We can meet your detailed requests and changes in specifications without loss of time.

  • High quality fabrics loved
    by a lot of maison.

    Our fabrics, with the technical capabilities based on over 50 years’ achievements, ultra-fine high gauge jacquard machines and the reliable planning abilities, have been welcomed by many maison at home and abroad.


Beside our collections,
textile sale business,
OEM/ODM and D to C business.

We are realizing your customer’s requests with our positive planning capabilities, the most advanced knitting machines and our reliable high techniques improved for over 50 years. Could you let us help your requests come true?

Textile Division

  • Planning

    Our planning produce the unique fabrics emphasized texture in bespoken yarns and processing.

  • The most advanced
    custom machines

    We are the only one that has special custom order knitting machines in the world ;super high gauge single jacquards(36G-46G) specialize in ultra-height gauge single jacquards (36-44G) .

  • Our intense

    We are eager to create the only ones fabrics in the world and to let our customers be contented with ours.

We are delighted to have strong and direct connections with major textile companies, big convertors and high-end apparel firms worldwide. We can customize your original orders with shortening the delivery time, too.


OEM/ODM Division

  • Responsiveness

    We can supply both woven and knit garments, with various technique in sewing.

  • Management ability

    So as to meet the needs of our customers, one team manages and supervises all production processes. (from fabrics to clothing).

  • Quickness

    Our sewing production system makes it easy and quick to create collected samples that provide quick service.
    The above services are currently satisfying one for our customers.

DtoC Division


Ceo Kazuki Hyakkendani
Established JUNE 12TH, 1964
Capital 10,000,000 YEN
No.Of Employees 20
Business Production . sales of knit fabric / garment sales
Web Site http://kanemasa-inc.jp
129 Kozaika, Wakayama City, Wakayma, 641-0007 Japan
TEL +81-73-423-1295 / FAX +81-73-423-3357
1001 Kondo Ebisu, 1-20-8 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021 Japan
TEL +81-3-5784-1602 / FAX +81-3-5784-1648
  • Japan quality
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